Week 25 – PHSEE – Raising Awareness of accessing some Social Media Sites

This week students looked at some of the potential risks and need for awareness on and social media or web platforms we can access online. The example we looked at was ‘Pewdiepie’ in relation to the discussion of what is ‘acceptable’. We had a discussion on how you can tell what sites are safe and … Continue reading Week 25 – PHSEE – Raising Awareness of accessing some Social Media Sites

Week 23 – PHSEE – Bullying

This week we recapped on bullying and ways students can make people feel included. In groups, students discussed the different types of subtle bullying. Some to mention where mocking, Isolating, deliberately embarrassing them in front of others and rumours.     Fran asked the class ‘what are the different ways students can experience mocking?’. Students … Continue reading Week 23 – PHSEE – Bullying

Week 22 – PE- Boxing, Badminton & Football

This week students were given the choice of three different activities boxing, football and badminton. It was apparent that students enjoyed the different options. Priya, Ariane, Minh and Tini thoroughly enjoyed playing badminton. With Priya and Ariane getting to grips with the technique they won against Tini and Minh. Louisa, Sara, Matthew and Khanh were … Continue reading Week 22 – PE- Boxing, Badminton & Football

Week 21 – PHSEE – Reports

This week the PHSEE lesson involved students looking at their reports and reflecting on their progress so far. Students were asked to fill out a Google doc questionnaire that was based on setting Smart Goals and looking at what achievements they had made thus far. Each student was given the opportunity to meet with Elle, … Continue reading Week 21 – PHSEE – Reports