Week 13 – PE – Half Term

Students up break for half term today and return in the new year. Students should use this time to rest but to also further their knowledge on their subjects. Students in Year 11 should also use this time to look at which A level courses they find interesting alongside thinking ahead at what courses they … Continue reading Week 13 – PE – Half Term


As students finished their mocks last week, we used this session to help the students relax and have fun with their peers participating in survival games. The first game was Stranded on a Mountain which involves trying to survive as a group until rescued. The second game is called famous people, which involves three rounds … Continue reading Week 13 – PHSEE – TEAM BUILDING

Week 11 – Bullying part 2

Continuation from last weeks lesson on bullying… Students said the most common form of bullying at Ashbourne is Racial and Cultural Bullying. However, with this being said, students said that bullying didn’t happen often. Students were also able to identify other different types of bullying: Cyber – through social media Physical – hurting someone’s body … Continue reading Week 11 – Bullying part 2

Week 10 – PHSEE – Bullying

This weeks lesson started with the topic of bullying. Fran and Elle thought it was important that students shared their ideas on what does bullying mean? Students mentioned that there are different types of bullying as in the picture of the powerpoint of the two Simpsons, there was an obvious¬†imbalance of power. Students went on … Continue reading Week 10 – PHSEE – Bullying