Week 12- Exam Techniques and Essay Structure

As we are fast approaching HT2 mocks this weeks discussion is on exam techniques and essay structure. During this weeks sessions students went through the following presentation: This presentation highlights useful exam techniques that may help with your mocks, the importance of good self-care before your exams, preparation and time management during your exams and … Continue reading Week 12- Exam Techniques and Essay Structure

Week 11- Mental health and Negativity Bias

This week students learnt about mental health and negative bias. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It impacts how we think, feel, and act.Mental health is important and can impact every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. During this session students will fruther explore the impacts of mental whilst also exploring negative … Continue reading Week 11- Mental health and Negativity Bias

Week 10 – British values, Democracy session

This weeks objective included: To consider and discuss the concept of Britishness. What are British values? To discuss the idea of democracy and consider why it’s not a perfect system. To consider different types of voting systems in parliament. This lesson explored what it means to vote, the voting system, the role of the government … Continue reading Week 10 – British values, Democracy session

Oxbridge Talk

Here is a summary of what we discussed in the Oxbridge meeting: GCSE GradesWhile Oxbridge assessors will be interested primarily in your academic achievement in Year 12, and in how you perform in any pre-interview assessment tests at the beginning of Year 13, your GCSE grades will give them a good indication of your overall academic ability — on this … Continue reading Oxbridge Talk


This week students learnt about bullying and what it means to be bullied. In groups, students discussed the different types of bullying a few mentioned were: Physical Verbal Cyber Emotional Overt bullying Danielle went through the presentation below which further detailed the different types of bullying, the impact bullying can have on students and the … Continue reading Week 9 – BULLYING

Week 8 – Student Reviews

This weeks PSHEE session involved students review their progress by reading their reports and completing a form which gets students access how they are doing. Student reviews help give both the student and teacher an opportunity to acknowledge and communicate areas that need to be improved while identifying areas of positive performance. Students met with … Continue reading Week 8 – Student Reviews

Week 6 – Revision Techniques

This weeks session was a recap on revision techniques to help further prepare students for their mock examinations. Students were reminded of the following: Your revision technique should be about quality not quantity. Students shouldn’t be spending every waking hour cramming in the run-up to exams – the most effective revision is in short, targeted … Continue reading Week 6 – Revision Techniques

Week 5 – Online Safety Awareness, Social Media Risks/Bias

This week we are looking at an area of growing concern for young people online safety. In groups students where asked to answer the following questions: How are the Internet and Social Media are perceived by society? Is the Internet a Positive or Negative thing? What about Social Media specifically? What are the Positive attributes … Continue reading Week 5 – Online Safety Awareness, Social Media Risks/Bias

Week 4 – Importance Of Sleep

This week students learnt about the importance of sleep and how vital it is in day to day life. Sleep is often neglected and is an important element to every person’s overall health and well-being. Sleep is essential because it enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. Getting adequate rest may also help … Continue reading Week 4 – Importance Of Sleep