Week 7 – PSHEE – Outdoor Experience

As it is the last week before term students we treated to an outdoor trip and asked to work in groups. Students have to solve a murder mystery by going around the park and finding the clues. Detective Ella Goldner has enjoyed a long and established career. However, when a body is found in a … Continue reading Week 7 – PSHEE – Outdoor Experience


Mock exams are taking place next week… 14th -18th October 2019. Today’s lesson was about revision techniques for mock exams. Students were asked to answer the below questions.  They also came up with a few answers that were written on the whiteboard. (Please see image attached) WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT REVISION PLAN FOR MOCK EXAMS … Continue reading Week 6 – PSHEE – REVISION

Week 5 – PSHEE – Goal Setting and monitoring Learning

During this PSHEE Elle and Fran went through the following questions with students and gave them ideas on how to work more effectively and why students should set goals. Why should we set goals? What does it mean to monitor my own learning? Show research, forgetting curve Using a diary or phone to organise my … Continue reading Week 5 – PSHEE – Goal Setting and monitoring Learning

Week 4 – PSHEE

This week all students underwent a Yelis test. The Yellis is an adaptive baseline assessment for students aged 14-16, that helps you understand what your students know and can highlight where they need support as they prepare for their GCSEs. Yellis assesses three key areas of learning: Vocabulary – word fluency and understanding Mathematics – logical … Continue reading Week 4 – PSHEE

Week 3 P.E

This week Students played team game all involving balls. The main purpose of these sessions is to help students develop their team player qualities and give them a break from their studies. After team games, students played a badminton tournament which I believe they througohtly enjoyed.

Week 3 – Study and organisation continued

This weeks lesson was a continuation from the last. Students were split into groups and asked to answer the following questions: 1. What is the Hippocampus? 2. Who thinks that cramming/ all-nighter will help you before a test? 3. How much sleep do you need? 4. Sleep Diary 5. Who remember the words from the … Continue reading Week 3 – Study and organisation continued